Who are we

We are a nursing community engaged in critical scholarship as researchers, teachers and practitioners promoting equity in health and health care through the uptake of critical analysis and knowledge. We engage in social justice and decolonial scholarship to enact nursing’s role in anti-racism, redress inequities and implement cultural safety in healthcare.

We do this work through partnerships in diverse contexts, such as health care practice and policy, nursing education teaching and learning, advocacy and activism and community and population health and with other disciplines, within and beyond nursing and the university through interdisciplinary collaboration.

Our Goals

Contribute to critical inquiry through research, pedagogy, curriculum, and scholarship

Contribute to transforming hierarchies to promote equity and fairness

Foster dialogue and action to address health and health care inequities

Expand engagement and partnerships in clinical and community contexts

Provide a rich research training environment for graduate and undergraduate students, and postdoctoral fellows

Create leadership and mentorship opportunities for early career scholars and students

Profile critical scholarship and research in the school and the wider community

Build community of critical scholarship and action within and beyond the school